I do love weddings and telling your special story, I do love photography and videography, I love being creative –but what I am most passionate about is YOU. I show up for you to create your story and encapsule your most special moments. I´m stoked that you are here!


WHO IS Actually ANNe?

Das ist Anne. Hochzeitsfotografin aus Bremen.

Thats me, a creative individual with a passion for cherishing life's small AND big moments. Nothing fills me with more joy than exploring new places and connecting with people through deep, meaningful conversations. When I'm not on the road, I spend my days with my furry companion, Lilli, and my boyfriend Leon. Whether we're hiking in the great outdoors or lounging at home, they bring endless happiness to my life.

Through my work, I aim to inspire you to capture the beauty of life's small and big moments, especially with your loved ones. As a passionate photographer, I believe that these moments are worth preserving and cherishing for a lifetime. Whether you're exploring new places and go for an adventure session with me or it´s your wedding day, I'm here to help you capture those memories. Because memories fade.

My main roles here Are:

Supporting your Vision


Emphatic Companion


Documenting Love


Creating Art


Photo- & Videographer


I’m proud of :

Grandpa is crying at his Granddaughters wedding

Capturing Your special story

The thing I'm most proud of is that I can freeze your most special moments for you. And even though I've been in business for a while, YOU are what matters to me. You and the story behind the curtain. It´s not about the hours I spend in the car, train or airplane, it´s not about the hours I spend into self- & business development – it´s about I want you to have a photo of your sister crying, when she sees you for the first time in your dress, I want you to have a photo of you and your grandma hugging tightly after your ceremony. I want you to remember. Forever.


A sparklers exit at a wedding.

My Service for You

Because you are the ones that matter to me, I want to offer you an unconditional service. I don´t want you to feel lost at any stage of our journey! That´s why my aim is to serve you best from the day you sent your contact form. Besides you´re getting a wedding guide and regulary mail updates, I do all I can to make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. No weird poses, not a 2h coupleshoot, just a friend with a camera. And of course I´m always happy to hold your flowers, if you need someone to hold them! <3


A wedding couple on their wedding shooting on the beach during blue hour.

The Blog

A long dream came true and I now have the chance to feed you with a lot more useful, meaningful content you could need for your wedding or photosession. Sometimes it´s hard to think about all of these things just by yourself, so I offer a space to get inspired and figure out what is best for you.


Get to know my quirks & traits

I'm obsessed with:

I actually have a degree in

Communication design

The Moon

Place #1 on my bucketlist

Number 1 Thing I want to learn


Creating Latte Art

I started this business

Best series I lately watched

in 2018

Killing Eve

I am addicted to

My perfect hobby



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