Candid Moments, unique emotions, Captured in My Art

My Wedding Portfolio

People inspire me. Love inspires me. I want to connect with you deeply to unterstand what your vision of your wedding day looks like. For sure it will be full of beautiful candid moments full of emotions. I want to capture the essence of your day in an authentic and also artistic way that not just let you see your day in pictures afterwards, but make you feel it. Again and again and again.

Below you can see a carefully selected collection of weddings that I have captured over the last 5 years as a wedding photographer. No wedding will look the same. Because no wedding will feel the same, as each person is unique and you inspire me in a unique way. I create individual and authentic moments for you, because your story deserves more than the average.

Do you already feel it? Then fill out my contact form at the end of this site or on my Contact page and let´s talk about your day.

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